Tuesday, November 17

1:00 PM - 4:00 PM (EST)
FORUM: Homeowner Services forum

Join us for this very interactive session where you can share what you know and learn from other family services managers in the federation. The day will offer the opportunity to discuss many of the areas of homeowner services we provide, in an ever-changing landscape. Defining the role of the family services person with respect to family services (is it someone who just looks at applications? Do you manage the mortgage portfolio? How to you onboard new families? Do you link with agencies within the community? Are you making presentations about the program(s) within the community? How many families does the affiliate have? Are you actively playing a role in program development?...to name a few.)

The team will collaborate and share experiences and possible solutions to the questions that come up in the delivery of your role. This virtual day promises to be high energy, fun, and informative. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity

Click here to view a detailed agenda.

For more information on this session, please contact Linda at lpeters@habitat.ca